Flood Rescue
Equipments in Pakistan

Rescue Equipments

Rescue and Evacuation

The water, the destruction, the displacement. It is one thing to survive a major weather event, it is quite another to then begin the retrieval of the devastation.

Disaster sites pose many occupational health and safety concerns. These hazards and exposures are a function of the unstable nature of the site, the potential for worker exposure to unknown hazardous substances and the type of work performed. An accurate assessment of all hazards may not be possible because they may not be immediately obvious or identifiable. 

Flood Rescue Equipments

Funventure provides specialized clothing and equipment for flood rescue and response incidents. Requiring a well-planned and risk based operation, flood and water rescue is a highly technical rescue discipline. 

Funventure provides personal protective equipment (PPE) to rescue workers involved in water and flood rescue operations, as well as a variety of associated equipment such as inflatable water rescue craft, inflatable sleds, platforms and walkways providing access to people and safe zones. Because the environment can change quickly, proper training should be obtained before performing any rescue activity in water.

Devastating Floods in Pakistan 2022

Unusually heavy monsoon rains from mid-June to September caused flash floods and standing water across Pakistan, killing people and livestock and destroying homes and infrastructure. While floodwaters have receded in many areas, large swaths of Sindh and eastern Balochistan remain submerged.

Water Rescue Equipment for Swift Water and Flooding

Safety life vest: It is for rescue personnel to provide effective aid in self-protection and rescue safety. The safety life vest uses a unique buoyancy distribution design that helps the human body stay upright in the water while also taking into account the flexibility of movement in various parts of the body.

Lifeboats: They are small crafts located onboard a ship designed to allow for emergency deboarding by passengers in the event of a catastrophe aboard the ship. There are different types of lifeboats i.e. open lifeboats, partially-enclosed lifeboats, and totally-enclosed lifeboats are each designed for different environmental conditions and capacity requirements.

Lifesaving rope: It is a critical tool for rescuers to save others and themselves. Professional water rescue rope features automatic light and reflection, high tensile strength, floating in water, and resistance to abrasion which makes the target more visible and easy to rescue.

Rescue Harness: The quick-release harness on a rescue PFD is an important advancement in swiftwater safety. It allow rescuers to more safely tow a canoe or kayak and to perform “live bait” rescues and helps them to pull a paddler to safety.


The death toll from ravaging monsoon floods in Pakistan crossed 1,000

Trained Staff

Operations can be extremely difficult when entering unfamiliar, swift water regions during a flood. Strong water flows, unseen drifts, reefs, and weeds all can be dangerous or even fatal for rescue workers. In these circumstances, expertise and knowledge are beneficial. 

Basheer bhai is not only providing rescue equipment in Pakistan but also our expert team provides training to the rescue workers People in Pakistan are fighting to survive. Help them overcome this climate disaster.

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