Edge Management

Permanent lifelines are used to secure workers wherever fixed anchor points can be installed in the workplace. You will appreciate this equipment for safe movement on these lifelines.

We offer an extensive and versatile range of Edge Management and Confined Space solutions, to cater for a diverse range of special access and rescue applications. The Tripod range is a cost-effective solution for standard applications. We are also a distributor of the awesome Arachnipod- the world’s most versatile, modular edge management system. The Arachnipod can be erected in a total of 9 configurations and is ideally suited to Rescue Teams who are constantly presented with the challenge of new special access situations. The Arachnipod can be rigged as a Gin Pole (Monopole), Handrail Recovery Pole, A-Frame, Transverse A-Frame, Lazy Leg A-Frame, Tripod (standard or as a high-directional), Quadpod or as a Bridge Gantry System (with a range of Bridge Beam length options available).

This modular kit can be supplied in standard kits or we can make up bespoke kits to suit individual needs. For more information please contact us with details of your application requirements.

Showcase Products

The Deadweight Trolley

Edge Roller Edge Protection Device

A-Frame Deadweight Anchor

Tripod System

Tripod Bracket (to fit Winch & Fall Arrest Block)

Rescue Winch


Large double pulley for industrial use and hauling systems / for textile ropes / 421 g / 36 kN


Fall absorber / length 120 cm / length after fall arrest 200 - 203 cm / EN 355


Pulley intended for moving on a textile rope or steel cable / 290 g / 25 kN


Oval steel connector / triple lock / Keylock / gate opening 18 mm / 30 kN / 195 g

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