Search & Rescue (SAR)

For the rescue and evacuation of persons the specialized rescue methods and techniques are used as well as the specialized equipment suitable for these situations.

We offer a wide range of SAR products for use by Emergency Services, Special Forces and Military applications. The majority of products are available with special tactical finishes, including Black Tactical, NATO and Military specification finishes.

The D4 Work/Rescue Descender offers a genuine rated load of 240kg (551lb), without the need to rig in extra friction to the system. The D4 is ideal for belaying/descending two-person rescue loads, offering precise control and the back-up of a built in panic brake function.

The R-ALF Two-way Auto-locking Rescue Pulley system allows for the safe lifting/lowering of rescue loads. The R-ALF master pulley is a two-way auto locking pulley, fitted with a speed sensitive over-speed brake, which engages quickly, should the user lose control of the control rope. The two-way locking function means that the device can be rigged in either direction. The R-ALF is fitted with a load becket, which means that it can be rigged with two single or two double Prussik Pulleys, in order to create a 3:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage system.

We offer an extensive range of ISC and Climbtechtm Portable Anchor Devices, for use in Rope Access, Work Positioning, Rigging and Fall Arrest Applications. The range includes anchors for use in Concrete Substrate, Girders and other metal structures (suitable drilled hole required). We also offer a range of adjustable anchors for I Beams (which can be fitted and adjusted without the need for tools and without the need to alter the structure that they are mounted on). All portable anchors are re-useable (subject to condition).

Showcase Products

Mini Ropegrab (Pip Pin)

Single Progress Capture Pulley (non-locking)

One-way Locking Double Progress Capture Pulley

Double Progress Capture Pulley (non-locking)

A-B Descender

Rescue Stretcher Kit


Stainless steel switchblade knife / toothed blade 80 mm / various rescue tools / one hand opening / 196 g


Descender and rescue device with lifting function / designed for 2 persons / equipped with adapter for accu-drill connection


Helmet for work at heights and rescue / combines requirements of EN 397 and EN 12492


Tear webbing fall absorber with webbing I or Y lanyards / for users up to 140 kg / several lengths and connectors / EN 355 • RFU 11.074


Dog harness intended for transport of a dog from a helicopter / max. load 150 kg

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