Descenders & Rope Adjusters

For safe ascent and descend in the vertical world, SINGING ROCK offers a range of descenders which meet the relevant legislative requirements of the European Union, as well as the requirements of the US market (CE, NFPA, ANSI).

A range of Descenders & Rope Adjusters, suitable for a variety of applications including Rope Access, Technical Rescue, Escape and Work Positioning. Our D4 & D5 Work/Rescue descenders feature a unique, patented design, offering a precise, positive and progressive action when descending.

KT861B1 D2 Personal Escape Kit_ø7.5mm FR Hybrid

D4 Work/Rescue Descender

D5 Work/Rescue Descender

Teufelberger Xstatic Rope Assembly_sewn termination

D5PRO Work/Rescue Descender

D4PRO Work/Rescue Descender

KT850 D1PRO TACTICAL 6mm Descender Kit (EN341)

KT851 D1PRO ESCAPE 6mm Descender Kit (EN341)

INDY EVO PLUS Descender for sigle rope with anti-panic system / can also be used for rescue / 480 g

DOUBLE STOP PLUS Descender for sigle rope with anti-panic system / unique way of rope insertion / 421 g

EVAQ Descender device for height rescue / designed for 1 person / enables self-rescue of several persons using a shuttle system

EVAQ HUB Descender and rescue device with lifting function / designed for 2 persons / equipped with adapter for accu-drill connection

Xinda rock climbing descender OX Horn 8 descend ring downhill eight ring with Bent-ear Rappelling Gear Belay Device Equipment

Xinda Rock Climbing Carabine 9 shape Rigging Descender Aluminum Figure Belay Device Abseiling Hoverable Downhill Equipment

XINDA Professional Rock Climbing Descent device STOP Handle-Control Abseiling Device Downhill Descender Rappelling

XINDA Rock Climbing Carabine 8shape Rigging Descender Aluminum Figure Belay Device Abseiling 35KN Eight Ring Downhill Equipment

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