For safe ascent in the vertical world, SINGING ROCK offers chest and hand ascenders made in the Czech Republic using the latest technologies with 100% guarantee of quality and safety.

Hand Ascenders are sleek & ergonomic by design. They are machined from high-strength Aluminium extrusion and are suitable for heavy-duty use. The Chest Ascender is compact & lightweight and has been designed for use on a full body harness, and therefore it is ideal for use in Rope Access work. The STRYDER Foot Ascender utilises tried & tested geometry to provide a smooth, upward movement and positive engagement on the rope.

Professional Hand Ascender- Left Hand

Professional Hand Ascender- Right Hand

Ultrasafe Hand Ascender- Left Hand

Ultrasafe Hand Ascender- Right Hand

Chest Ascender

STRYDER Foot Ascender

LIFT : Hand ascenders for safe and smooth ascent / right and left / 190 g

LIFT : Hand ascenders for safe and smooth ascent / right and left / 190 g

STRAP FOR CAM CLEAN Strap for fixation of CAM CLEAN ascender on EXPERT work harnesses

FOOTER XP Adjustable ascender loop made from 6 mm cord / length 30 - 170 cm / 90 g

CAM CLEAN : Chest ascender for safe and smooth ascent / 125 g

FOOTER II : Adjustable ascender webbing / without maillon / length 40 - 140 cm / 115 g

SRT Rock Climbing Foot Ascender Riser With Pedal Belt Grasp Rope Gear Anti Fall Off Left Right foot ascend

XINDA Outdoor Camping Rock Climbing Chest Ascender Safety Rope Ascending Anti Fall Off Survival Vertical Rope Climbing Equipment

XINDA Outdoor Sports Rock Climbing Left Hand Grasp 8mm-13mm Rope Hand Ascender Device Mountaineer Riser Tool Kits

Outdoor Rock Climbing SRT Professional Chest Ascender Device Mountaineer Chest Ascender Climbing Rope Tools

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