SINGING ROCK pulleys of different structures will come in handy for rescue, hauling heavy loads or tightening a Tyrolean traverse. Manufactured in Czech Republic using the latest technologies to ensure long-lasting quality and maximum strength.

Check out our range of Prussik, Eiger, Shear Reduction, Aborist Rigging and Hitch-minding Pulleys.


RP248 200-Series Compact Rigging Pulley

Flame Rigging Pulley- for 16mm (5/8") Rope

RP255 200-Series Medium Rigging Pulley

Small Rigging Pulley- for 13mm (1/2") Rope

Small Single Prussik- Aluminium, 13mm

Large Stainless Steel Single Prussik (max 16mm Rope)

Small Double Prussik for 13mm Rope

Small Stainless Steel Single Prussik (max 13mm Rope)

PULLEY SMALL : Small lightweight single pulley for hauling and rescue / for textile ropes / 92 g / 22 kN

PULLEY EXTRA : Large single pulley for industrial use and hauling systems / for textile ropes / 257 g / 32 kN

PULLEY TWIN : Large double pulley for industrial use and hauling systems / for textile ropes / 421 g / 36 kN

TANDEM PULLEY : Pulley intended for moving on a textile rope or steel cable / 290 g / 25 kN

XINDA Professional Pulley Gear Mountaineering Rock Climbing Rescue High Altitude Carriage Rescue Pulley Sheave with Swing Plate

XINDA Professional Single Pulley Gear in ball bearing Mountaineering Rock Climbing Zipline Traverse-solving Carriage pulley

XINDA Professional Handle Pulley Roller Gear Outdoor rock climbing Tyrolean Traverse Crossing Weight Carriage Device Equipment

Xinda Universal Wheel Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope Hanging Pulley Ring Universal Joint Double Pulley Rotating Ring Side Plate 5.0 1 Review 4 orders

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