Industrial Height Safety

Every year many workers are injured when they fall from scaffolds or structures. You will find everything you need for safe movement on scaffolds and structures in this selection of our products.

We manufacture a wide range of product and components for use in Industrial Height Safety applications. Our range includes several rope adjustment devices/kits for work positioning and restraint. We also manufacture a range of Fall Arrest Devices including an ever-increasing range of standard and recovery winch Fall Arrest Blocks (SRLs). All Fall Arrest Blocks have Cast Aluminium housings for durability, making them suitable for use in harsh environments, including rental and offshore.

The UB100 Merlin 10m Block is the first in a brand new range of Fall Arrest Blocks. The new Merlin Fall Arrest blocks are lightweight blocks, with offset attachment points, designed to position the block in such a way that the line is kept free from extreme bend as it exits the block.

All wire Fall Arrest Blocks are fitted with a fall-indicating swivel Karabiner/Snaphook as standard. When sufficient force is exerted on the Karabiner (i.e. in the event of a fall), a red ring is exposed above the swivel-eye of the karabiner, indicating that a fall has occurred and that the block should be inspected.

Showcase Products

15m (50ft) Heavy Duty Fall Arrest Block

Large Aluminium Double-action Snaphook

Large Double-action Locking Nose Snaphook

15m (50ft) Heavy Duty Fall Arrest Block with Recovery Winch

Firemans Karabiner

3.3m (11ft) Merlin Block

6.6m (20ft) Merlin Fall Arrest Block

Rescue Winch

KT860 D2 Personal Escape Descender_ø8mm PER Nylon Rope

10m (32ft) Merlin Fall Arrest Block

10m (32ft) Merlin Fall Arrest Block (Stainless Steel)

Double-action Snaphook

D5 Work/Rescue Descender

1 inch Double-action Snaphook

HaulerBiner Compact Rescue Kit

OXY / triple lock

Oval carabiner / triple lock / Keylock / gate opening 21 mm / 26 kN / 81 g


Professional helmet for industrial work and construction sites / protects against falling objects and voltage / EN 397


Two-layer webbing with sewed eyes and wear indicator / length 60 - 150 cm / 22 kN / EN 354 • EN 795B


Device for multi-point anchoring / allows direct attachment of ropes to any hole / 36 kN / 65 g


Plastic holder for racking ice screws, pitons and industrial tools / gate opening 23 mm / max. load 5 kg / weight 32 g

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